"Long Time Coming"
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She walked away from the reception counter, slightly disappointed.  She didn’t expect him to get to the hotel before she did.

She’d planned to take a leisurely shower and change her clothes before seeing him.  They’d been apart now for a few months, and she’d made some pretty strong improvements on her dress, hair and makeup, and wanted him to see them.

She pressed the elevator button and set her bag down on the floor.

The door of their room was slightly ajar when she came to it.  Instead of knocking, she carefully and slowly pushed the door open.

A huge smile came to her lips as she saw him, sitting across the room in a chair against the far wall.  Framed by the tacky plaid curtains, his face was shadowed by the late afternoon sun.

Before she could speak, a gruff “Shut the door and be silent” echoed toward her.  She thought for  a moment that maybe he had a headache, but after shutting the door, and turning back toward him, she saw him rise up out of the shadowed sunlight, his eyes wide open.

“Drop the bag and turn your back toward me.”

Her mind froze.  His words were completely out of the blue, and took her by surprise, but without questioning, she turned and did as he demanded.

"Lose the shoes, the jeans and the shirt."  His words were crisp and clear, and even without raising his voice, she heard the command in them.  Again, she immediately did as he said, tossing her clothes over the top of her bag.

"Turn back around."

She turned slowly around, her eyes to the floor, afraid to look at him.

"Crawl over here.  And do it like you mean it."

Gone was every ounce of hesitation she may have possessed.  She slipped carefully to her hands and knees, and started to move slowly toward him.  Her stomach was a mess of butterflies and hornets.  She felt herself trembling with each step she took.

"Bring your head up, girl. Look me in the eye as you move."

Something inside her mind screamer "No!", but with a deep breathe and a short pause, she did as he demanded, raising her head up and meeting his dark brown eyes.

It didn't take her long to get across the motel room floor, but in her head, it felt like hours.  Finally, she stopped one step shy of her head coming into contact with his leg.

He didn't speak, just gazed down at her for a long moment.  Ever so slightly, he moved his right foot out from his left, right below her head.

Without even thinking about it, she lowered her head toward the floor, and kissed the end of his shiny black military-issue boot.  She was about to raise her head back up, but his hand stopped her cold.  He pushed her face toward the floor, next to his boot.

"Stretch your arms straight out, and put your face to the floor."

Suddenly self-conscious, she hesitated only slightly before moving into position.

"Spread your knees apart some.  There.  Like that."

Feeling vulnerable and a little frightened, a small gasp escaped her lips.

"The word silent have a different meaning for you than it does me, bitch?"

Stopping herself from answering, she shook her head only slightly.

"I didn't think so.  I don't want to hear a sound out of you unless I've asked you a direct question."

She closed her eyes, her heart beating wildly.  He'd never acted like this before.  Never treated her like this, never spoken to her in this way.  Her mind rippled with reasons and postulations and possibilities, but she scarcely had time to take a breath before his next words came.

"This is your position to fall into when seeing me.  I don't care if we haven't been together in weeks, or if I've just left the room to get ice.  Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir."

He chuckled.  "Sir?"

"Yes, Master."  Saying the word was her final leap into the abyss.

It was what they talked about endlessly, what she'd always wanted in her heart, but had never been able to accomplish.  The first hurdle had been the word itself, and afterwards, the headspace to complete the dream.

"You're going to pay for that, you know."

I know, she thought silently to herself.

Even with her eyes closed, and the thick plush carpet, she heard him moving around, walking behind her toward the bed.  She heard his belt buckle clank against the zipper of his pants and she squeezed her eyes shut tightly.

She heard material ruffling and then without warning, felt his hand delve between her thighs and grab hold of her cunt.  Her mouth opened, and her eyes squeezed more tightly shut, but she didn't make a sound.

"Soaking wet." He chuckled.  "Should I have expected anything else."

It was not a question, and she did not respond.  She felt his hand squeeze her pussy once tightly and then withdraw.  Her head was reeling.

Another rustle, and then his footsteps on the carpet again, coming back around toward her head.

She felt the heat from his body as he leaned over, and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head up.  He stood before her now, completely naked, his cock inches from her face.

"Open your fucking eyes."  He growled.

She opened them, and looked up into his face.  His hand came out of nowhere, and slapped her firmly across the cheek.  She swallowed a cry and tried to hold her position.  Tears sprang to her eyes, as she looked up into his unsmiling face.

"It's not that I'm unhappy with you.  It's that you need this.  And I need this.  And I'll treat you any fucking way I want to while you're here.  You signed on for it.  You'll take it like a good girl, or I'll give you something to remember me by when you leave.  Am I making myself very clear?"

"Yes, Master."  Tears slid down her cheeks as she tried to keep eye contact with him.

His hand came back and he slapped her again, for emphasis.  "I certainly hope so."

Without letting go of the handful of her hair, he pulled his cock up and forced it between her lips.  Without time to think she opened her mouth as widely as she could, and tried to catch her breath as he fucked her face a few times before pulling himself back out.  Her lips throbbed with the force in which he'd taken her and she pulled them into her mouth slightly.

"It's mine.  I'll use it as I wish."

"Back to position." He said, releasing her hair from his grip.  She immediately went back to the floor, stretched her arms out and tried to get herself under control.  She had never felt so overwhelmed.

Walking around behind her again, she felt him kneel between her legs and pull her panties to the side.  "As a matter of fact," he said, as he shoved himself deep inside her with one full thrust, and dug his fingers into her hips.  "I'll use ANY part of you in ANY way I choose."
He pulled himself all the way out, and lunge, all the while, his strong fingers bruising the flesh of her hips.  "Don't let me even feel your cunt throb, bitch.  This isn't for you.  It's.  All.  For.  Me."

After a few more thrusts and he pulled himself out and away from her.  Her nails dug into the carpet.  Her heart threatened to pound it's way out of her chest.

She heard him stand up again.

And then, silence.

She had no idea how long it went on.  All she knew is that she couldn't wrap her mind around all that had happened since she pushed that door open.

And then the silence was broken by the clank of metal against metal.

The belt buckle.

Her heart sank into the bottom of her chest.

She heard the leather hit his hand.  Once.  Twice.  Three times.

She braced herself.

"What do I have to hit you for?"

Automatically and without thought, she replied, "I failed to call you Master."

"Is that it?"

She was crying again.  "And… Because I wasn't silent."

"And that's it?"

"I… I think so…"

"You better be sure, don't you think?"

Her mind screamed.  What did he want?

"I'm sure…Master."

"Twice then?"

"As… as many as pleases you, Master."  It was the hardest sentence she'd ever said, but from somewhere deep within, she meant it.

"See?  You can be a good girl when you put your mind to it."

The leather smacked his hand again, and the sound echoed around the room and reverberated in her ears.  Before it had ended, it came again, followed by a white-hot pain on the bottom of her asscheeks.  A high pitched wail resounded from her throat before she could stop it.   Her fingernails dug back into the carpet and she willed herself to be still and soundless.

She heard him laugh quietly behind her.  She heard the whoosh and the sound and then felt the pain travel up her spine and explode in her brain.  Sobs wracked her prone body as she dug deep within to find the strength to stay still and quiet.

The belt hit the floor, and she felt his warm hand touch the skin of her enflamed ass.  "Nice." He said.  "That'll bruise nicely."

She couldn't move, but wanted nothing more than to curl up in a ball where she lay.

But she knew better, didn't she?  He'd set the tone the moment she walked in the door.  Her actions were not up to her at this point; he'd take the control she'd offered him and she had no options other than to obey.

She tried to control her tears; felt as if she'd drown in them, down there with her cheek on the carpet.

She felt him move; felt him standing over her, and then felt his fingers dig into her hair again, yanking her head up off the carpet.

"Any questions left unanswered in your head, slave?"

"No, Master."  She swallowed hard.  That was it.  The last corner she had to turn.

"Good. " He let her go, and moved away from her.  She heard the bedsprings creak as he sat down.

"Turn around, crawl over here, and greet me properly."

Doing as she asked, she picked herself up off the floor and moved slowly toward him, her skin still throbbing from the belt, her eyes still stinging with tears.

She leaned down and kissed the top of his foot, and remained there, still, her head still bowed to him.

His hand soon came and swept under her chin, pointing her face up to him.  He pulled her full up on her knees and brought her face very close to his.

"Am I ever again going to have to prove to you who is the Master here?"

"No, Master." She said honestly, looking into his deep brown eyes.

He kissed her lips gently.  "Good.  Now go get dressed and get me a coke."

She stood up carefully, her knees weak and her head pounding, alive with thought.

"It's going to be a long weekend.  I certainly hope you're prepared for it."

For the first time since she'd entered the room, a small smile came to her lips.  She turned back toward him, pulling her long hair from underneath her shirt collar.  "I am, Master."

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