"Error in Judgment"

copyright 1997 Screamer

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She knew it was a mistake, the minute the words fluttered past her lips, and hit the thin, cool air of the evening.

"I can't do that." Stupid words, uttered by an unworthy submissive, she thought to herself, knowing that it wasn't accurate, but feeling better, having berated herself, before he could respond.

And he hadn't responded yet. No, he was still staring at her, his eyes cold and full of dissension. Her error, her mistake. Her fault.

"You can't? Or you won't?" He asked quietly, his body moving back away from her. They were still close, less than a kiss apart, yet she felt separated by miles from him now, from his warmth, his acceptance, his love.

"I.... I don't.... I don't think I can, Master."

"Think again." He replied coldly. "And think carefully this time, wench."

She swallowed hard, her eyes slowly moving back to his, a look of paniac so deep in hers, there was no way to hide it.

Of course she could do it. She just didn't want to. Not here. Not now. Maybe not ever.

There were a million reasons not to. It was too cold. It was too public. She wasn't dressed in such a manner that would make the manuaever fluid and graceful. She felt sick to her stomach, and her head felt light.

There was only one reason to do it. He was her Master, and he demanded it.

There really wasn't any choice, was there? Where in the world did she get the idea that she had a damn choice?

She whispered to him, a whimper so clear in her voice, sailing through the air. "I am so sorry, Master. Of course I can do it. I... I am just uncomfortable with it...."

"Do you trust me to protect you?" It was a simple question. Stark. Without doubt.

"Of course I do, Master !"

"Then what do you have to be uncomfortable about?"

She looked at him, truly at a loss for an answer. He knew she wouldn't have one. He waited patiently, to see if she would attempt to produce one. But he didn't give her long to think.

"As I thought."

Her head bowed. She joined her hands behind her back, lacing the fingers together tightly, almost painfully, trying to find penance from the discomfort.

"Now." He said quietly.

Her whole body jerked forward, with the sound of the command, yet she pulled her hands from their resting place behind her, and slowly pulled off her leather vest, and then her shirt. Underneath the tops, she wore no lingerie, no bra, no camisole. Her full breasts were now bared to the cooling night air, and instinctively, without looking or sensing, she knew her nipples had hardened in response to the cold.

She did not look at him, she could not. There were people milling about, some she knew, some she did not. No one would think twice of her nudity - it was standard, almost - commonplace. She reached for the zipper on her skirt, and slowly pulled it down, letting the leather slide from her hips, knowing she was now naked before these - strangers - her body, with all it's imperfections and flaws - exposed to a group of people she didn't know well, and didn't know if she would ever see again. The blush that started at her cheeks crept down onto her chest as she pulled the skirt from one booted foot, and then the other, and then straightened up before the man she called "Master".

He took a step toward her, winding his fingers in the back of her hair, and pulling her face roughly towards him. "Do you think I care what these people think of your body? Do you think that's why I chose you as my whore?"

She shook her head. She could not speak. A short, clear whimper escaped from between her full red lips.

"Do you think that they care what you look like? Do you think your body is more important to your submission to me than your mind?" His voice had started to elevate, slightly, a hint of anger and frustration in it's depth and breadth.

"No, Master !" She managed to choke out, her body shaking, not nearly as much from the cold, as her anger with herself for being so silly and vain.

"I never want to have this conversation with you again." He stated firmly, taking her chin in his hand, and pointing her face up to his. "EVER. Do you understand?" He wasn't kidding. She knew he wasn't kidding. The fear of being naked in front of strangers, other people, had terrified her. But wait...

She was naked right now !

"Yes, Master. I'm sorry, Master. Please...."

Yes, she was naked. And there were people all around her, and no one was pointing and laughing at her. It wasn't like high school gym class where all the rest of the girls had perky tits and tight asses. No one was laughing.

She said that again. No one is laughing at me. He snapped her out of it with more words.

"Forgiveness will not come so easy tonight." He let go of her face, and thrust her hands behind her back, taking both wrists within his one hand, and stepping in behind her. "Back inside. And proudly, damn it. Be proud of who you are. Make me proud of who you are."

"Yes, Master." And she was proud. Proud of her submission, of her Master, of her straigh backed walk up those stairs, and back into the house, her long red hair flowing across her back.

No one's laughing.......................

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