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The Art of the Blush; Erotic Humiliation and Embarrassment (added 2/23/01)

Submission and Feminism: Contradiction or Consistency? (added 2/2/2001)

Anger and BDSM - Submissive's dealing with their own anger(new 12/3/2000)

Anger and BDSM - Submissives dealing with a Dominant's Anger (new 12/3/2000)

The Art of the Beg - (new 12/3/2000)

The Power of a Slogan (The Power Exchange Ideal) (new 10/7/2000)

Real and True, and their Misplacement in BDSM (new 9/26/2000)

Take a Dip in the Reality Pool

The Brat Quotient

Rights, as a submissive

Sometimes, it's just...

The Posture of the Pout

The Imagined Gift of Submission

Expectations, as a submissive (1995 Version)

Expectations, as a submissive (2000 version)

SM Is....

Never Say Anything

Anticipations vs. Expectations

Is it Really Submission if I like everything He Does?

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