Expectations, as a Submissive

This is a piece I wrote three years ago, to a former Dominant. Do not use it as your own, as it may not fit your needs, but perhaps use it as a guide in writing your own expectations as a submissive. Everyone's needs are different, both Dominant and submissive.

Note: This essay was written in 1995.  It's been recently re-written.  There is a link for the new version at the end of this essay.

My dearest Dominant,

This is for you. It is about my expectations as your submissive. What I expect of you, and what I expect from myself. It's about your role as my Dominant, and my role as your submissive. I placed my submission in your hands. It is all of me. It encases me, surrounds me. It IS me. And this is what I expect, because of that.

  I expect to bend to your will. I expect to serve you for your pleasure, thereby receiving pleasure in that with you. I expect that if I should fail to obey you, or please you, that you will punish me in ways you see fit, taking into consideration my limits. I expect you to administer punishment solely for your pleasure, should you feel this desire, however, I would expect you to make that clear before carrying it out, as to not make me feel I've disappointed or upset you, if I haven't. I expect you to understand and respect my need for control. I expect you to understand the level and type of pain/control/stimulation I want to feel, as discussed between us. I expect you to be caring in all that you do, showing me respect as a person as I show it to you as my Dominant

  I expect to be reminded continually of my submission to you, whether by a note left with instructions, or a simple word or gesture, or even by my own hand or deed. I expect to you explore my limits, as well as your own, sexually, emotionally and mentally. I expect to be made love to by you, as well as taken by you - rather it be in your need, anger or just as a symbol of your ownership of me. I expect that you will hold sacred the control I give you, and realize that I want it and need it as much as I need the care put behind it, and I expect you to recognize that I also crave the soft loving gentle touch of you sometimes. I expect that every time you look at me or touch me, that you will cause me to feel the depth of your domination of me in all respects...emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

I expect you to issue orders that will force me to examine and push a limit I may have, which would bring you pleasure for me to submit to. I expect you to accept that I may shudder and tremble, and perhaps even defy.... and I expect you to help me comply to your wishes. I expect to serve your pleasure in all ways. I expect you to use whatever tools you see fit, providing that you intend no permanent damage, and I expect you to push me toward complete and total submission to you. This is what I desire deep inside, and it's what I need to make myself complete.

I expect you to set guidelines and rules for me. There is no security or control in me having free reign. If I should ever break a rule, or try to top from the bottom, I require that you severely and permanently give me an incentive NOT to try that again. I expect you to understand that I need more than anything to give up that control, or I face losing who I am.

I expect you to understand these expectations, and if you don't understand them, I expect you to discuss them with me. I expect that you will accept what I've said and work with me to continually improve my submission to you, and to help me to please you, as your pleasure is my desire.

Your screamer

Copyright 1995 Screamer
This work may not be reproduced in any form. Ever. Without my express written permission. And even then, you're asking for trouble.

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