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I don't guarantee or promote any of the following links. They are simply places I've visited, things I've heard about from reputable sources, or they are the pages of friends of mine. You'll find links to information, links to 'toys', links to other BDSM sites. I'll try and keep the page as clean as possible, but if I have a link that you can't reach, or you'd like me to link to your page , please drop me a line at [email protected]

Go See Sensuous Sadie's page.  If you're looking for another mouthy submissive broad, you've found here there.

Red's Realm - lots of links and fun stuff.

For Feminists in Leather - Male and Female - visit The NOW SM Page . This page has a great deal of wisdom and asks for your help, if you are at all interested in changing the views and rules of some of the countries leading feminists.

Out of the Shadows is a lengthy text and site about BDSM. Good reading, if you've got the time
Devious Toys - Very complete site and good lookin' stuff!

About 2 years ago, I helped start a BDSM friendly group in Colorado. I continue to hear about them from California, and am proud that they're doing so well. Please visit their site, Uncommon Ground. They have an extensive link list.

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