The Posture of the Pout

An Essay

By little girl of the pouty lips and the whimpering voice

 Copyright Screamer, 1996

All rights reserved

Don't even think about using this without my written permission.

Pouting, just as with any other form of expression, is meant as a means of communication between any number of people. Whimpering and whining will often accompany a pout, depending on the circumstances.

There are many reasons, and many meanings for each pout that you see. I will attempt to clarify/explain/justify some of them here:

The "Don’t Leave Me" pout. A submissive is a vulnerable, although strong creature. If a scene has recently taken place, where the submissive perhaps was taken to an insecure ‘place’ in herself, she is going to feel needy and ‘greedy’ of her Dominant’s time for awhile afterwards. This does not mean that she expects him to hang around for a couple days, holding and comforting her - hey, we know you guys have lives - but she’ll pout a little. You can usually ignore this one, although, if you at least acknowledge it, your submissive will take comfort in the fact that you understand.

The "I don’t want a spanking !" pout. Now, this is a double edged sword. Sometimes, the submissive is resisting a spanking because she doesn’t feel that she deserves one. Other times, her pout becomes part of the play - egging you on - making you ‘take’ the submission from her. There’s quite an argument about ‘forced’ submission, although, for me, it adds an extra dimension to the dance. In time, you’ll learn to read your submissive well enough to know, not only which pout this is, but which sub-title from above that it carries.

The "I feel neglected - kiss me or whip me" pout. Look, submissives are attention hogs. There’s no way to avoid that. We like the attention we receive from our Dominants, period. Even if you’ve spent the entire weekend, catering to our cravings for affection and discipline, if you don’t have time for us on Monday, we’re gonna pout. Facts is facts, and that’s a fact. We can be incredibly selfish creatures sometimes (Well, so can Dominants, for that matter…). It’s simply human nature. Dealing with this pout is relatively simple - recognize it, and give us a little attention. The slightest bit of attentiveness at this pout will suffice - a kiss, a hug, a kind word. We are understanding, if nothing else, and we understand your priorities. We just like to know that you understand ours, as well.

The "I can’t believe you said that" pout. Did you just tell your submissive she was naughty? That she neglected a chore you’d given her? That she’d somehow upset you, even if you’re jesting? This is what you’ll most likely get for that. The submissive may turn her face down, stick out her lower lip, and whimper, OR, she might simply give you ‘those eyes’, and slink away. Hey, we work hard. Part of our submission to you is attempting to please you in every conceivable way. Sometimes, we fail. Sometimes, other things get in the way. Sometimes, we simply forget. Now, how you react to this pout is important, so, with all due respect, please pay attention. If you don’t say anything - if you don’t sanction this particular pout, with appropriate action (and, far be it from me, the pouting submissive, to tell you what that action is….), you could leave your submissive feeling bad about herself. While we all work very hard on our communication, this is a time when it’s of vital importance. Tell your submissive, in no uncertain terms, that you aren’t mad her, unless you are mad at her. Tell her that it’s okay - if it is - and that you’ll punish her for her action/reaction/non-action, and then you’ll move on.

The "Pouting cause I feel like pouting" pout. All right. Sometimes we like the attention that a pout garners. Sometimes, it’s fun to stick that lower lips right out there, and make you wonder what exactly we’re pouting about. I told you, we’re attention hogs…

Pouting is an art form - one of the first that most submissive’s perfect. Not only does the pout have extraordinary uses, it’s fun. And while we can discern that you might not always react to our pout, understand our pout, or approve of our pouts, how you handle them can and will make a direct impact on how many, and which kinds of pouts, you get. And besides - if the lower lip is already stuck out there…

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