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It had been a long time in coming, I suppose. She and I had flirted endlessly for weeks, watching our mates pant and swoon at the idea of the two of us playing together in front of them, allowing our carnal urges to take over, and ravaging each other. I don't think either of our partners much cared if they were invited to join in the fun or not - they simply wanted to see the explosion.

A Friday night, like many others we had spent with them. A bottle of wine, a glass of beer, a cool, clear shot of Goldschlagger. Toasts to friendship, to lust, to sado-masochism. Quiet music. Affection, interaction, innuendo. All were present. All were being enjoyed. All was like normal.

And then, it happened.

She was sitting on the couch with me. She and I were often very affectionate, caressing and hugging, scratching, kissing, holding. It had become commonplace for us to share these things. It had become something of a comfort for us, as our men were often preoccupied with more stressful things, like children and ex-wives. We seemed to compliment each other in this, as I enjoyed giving, and she enjoyed receiving - relaxed into my touches as if she'd been feeling them all of her life. We had grown closer as the weeks passed, sharing quiet stories of our lives, discussing our respective relationships with our partners, opening our souls up and sharing our fears and our disappointments.

So, she was sitting on the couch with me, reclined into my arms in sort of a pseudo-laying pose. I was running my long blood red nails up and down the insides of her arm, and listening to her nearly orgasmic sighs and tingles. Her responses propelled me on, making me even more intent on hearing more of those noises. The boys were sitting on the other couch, talking about being sued for child support and how much they'd like their ex-spouses to simply fall off the planet. She and I had gotten bored with that. It was time to change the subject.

She had long since removed her shirt, and leaned up slightly to unhook and remove her bra.

She reached up and took my hand gently, holding it in hers. She looked up at me and smiled in the sweet way she had, and then placed my cool hand on her breast.

I had touched her before. The four of us had, one night, made quite a spectacle of ourselves on this very couch, sucking and panting, touching, licking and kissing. But that had been months ago and there hadn't been any real sexual contact since. My partner and I had written it off as having had too much wine, although we longed for it to happen again, as we both found ourselves attracted to both of our friends.

So my hand was on her breast. It shocked me at first, but then I returned her smile, and began running my nails around her nipples and areola, reaching delicately inward once in a while to graze the tip of my nail over the tip of her hard nubbin. She growled quietly, and then lay her head back against my breast, arching her body upward to receive more of my attentions. I removed my other hand from her arm, and began toying with her other tit the same way, teasing her nipples until they were hard as pebbles, and their rings standing up proudly.

I watched her open her eyes and look at the boys. I wondered curiously for a moment if she was doing this to distract them, or because she really wanted to do it. But then, the girl I'd gotten to know rarely did things that she didn't want to do. So I knew the answer. Distracting our partners was simply a lovely by-product of the passion that was beginning to ensue between us.

Problem was, they hadn't noticed yet. I laughed quietly with her about that, and then continued on in my ministrations, getting more aggressive with her as I went. I stopped scratching and began pulling lightly on her nipples, remaining careful of the rings through them. Her breasts were much smaller than mine, but perkier and her nipples much more pronounced than my own. I envied her breasts, as I knew she envied mine.

She soon closed her eyes again and relaxed. I leaned down gently and kissed her shoulder, running my tongue up her soft skin to her neck and then back again. I watched as her fists clenched and unclenched as I continued to play with her tits, squeezing them gently and then going back to play with her nipples. Her hips began to move gently against my thighs, and her hands came across the top of mine, lying on them lightly, directing me to the areas that would give her the most pleasure.

Her hands began to wander up my own arms, caressing my skin as I worked hers. I felt my own arousal fire, and leaned down to nibble on her shoulder as she cooed and mewed for my touch.

This was getting hot.

And the boys were still yakking away.

We went on like this for awhile, getting familiar with each other's skin, each others touch. It was relaxing and passionate at the same time, and I believed at that moment that she and I were sealing our friendship. I ran my hands down her belly and back to her breasts, each time getting closer to her mound, but never quite touching it. I could tell this was driving her nuts, and I loved it. I watched her struggle with wanting to pull her jeans down over her hips, but not wanting me to stop what I was doing. I loved that, too.

It wasn't long, and she flipped over, lying on me, breast against clothed breast.

"This has to go", she whispered, gesturing to my shirt.

I nodded, and leaned back far enough away from her to unbutton and then slide off my diaphanous blouse. I hadn't worn a bra under it. Even though I was not comfortable with my figure, I usually felt relatively okay with it around them.

She purred, and leaned down to take one of my nipples into her mouth. I leaned back and enjoyed for a moment the feel of her small tongue swirling around the growing point, and then reached up to start playing with her again.

It wasn't long, and we were kissing. Not those kisses you see in porn movies between women who don't really want to be with other women, but the kinds of kisses that you usually reserve for a partner. Hot, wet, sliding tongues and lips, sucking, nibbling. Passionate kisses unlike I had ever shared with any other woman. I found myself joining her in her happy, passionate noises.

Neither of us much cared, at that point, if the boys were watching or not.

Her hands disappeared from my skin and I felt her body move on top of me. Soon, I felt her naked thighs sliding along side my tummy as she pulled herself up and straddled me, having removed her jeans. The kissing continued throughout this exercise, with only brief respites for breath and movement. I broke from her while she was adjusting her body against mine, and buried my face in her neck, inhaling her scent, the perfume and the smell of her excitement. She leaned her head back, and roared quietly in approval.

I don't know how long we lay there, locked in each other's arms, exploring upper bodies. Hers, thin and svelte - mine, soft and round. We were so different, each enamored with the others feel and texture. Occasional kisses intermingled with sighs and groans.

Finally, I reached for her cunt, and was rewarded with slick lips, full of her liquid fire, their rings warm to the touch. I smiled and cooed at her, excited beyond belief that I had done this to her - I had made another woman hot and ready. My experience with other women had been limited at best, and my explorations with her were as exciting as I could possibly have imagined.

I ran my index finger through the center of her nether regions, gathering her wetness and bringing it back up the top of her slit, and spreading it around liberally. I wanted to touch her clit. I wanted to make her cum, right then and there. She did not resist me, instead pushing her pubis into my hand and looking up at me, a burning need in her eyes.

How could I not have satisfied her?

I started very slowly, stroking her clit, feeling it grow beneath my fingertips. She lay herself out for me, spreading her thighs, opening herself to my touch. It was a difficult position, and so I moved her this way and that, finally rolling her back over, her back against my breasts, and pulled her up onto my lap, giving me immediate access to her entire pussy.

Her scent surrounded me as I explored her depths, playing lightly with the rings in her labia, stroking her inner lips teasingly, running my finger back to her clit here and there, to keep her on fire. I slid one long finger into her vagina, and felt her hips buck up towards it, pushing on my hand as if it were the last vestige of sexual satisfaction at her disposal.

She continued to purr. Her hands held my wrists, following them rather than guiding them. She allowed me free reign to tug, stroke, caress and tease her cunt, enjoying my ministrations as much as I was enjoying the exploration. I leaned down and whispered into her ear that I could smell her, and her whole body went rigid and then loose over me. She turned her head, and kissed me again, telling me that she could smell me, too, right through my dark denim jeans.

I hadn't thought of that, so busy with my exploration of her that I'd lost sight of the fact that my own cunt was on fire, and I felt the wetness dripping down the crack of my ass as I sat there.

She kissed me again, and told me it was time for me to be naked, too. I reluctantly pulled my hands from her pussy, and on instinct, raised a finger to her mouth to taste herself. She did so, enthusiastically, pulling my finger deep into her mouth, never breaking eye contact with me as she cleaned her cunt juices off of my hand.

She crawled off of me, and knelt on the floor, helping me pull of my jeans. She was surprised, pleasantly, I imagined, to discover that I wore no bothersome panties under my jeans. My partner had requested the relinquishment of all articles such as panties, and I had gratefully complied. She tossed my jeans over the top of hers and remained on the floor, between my thighs, smiling up at me. She ran her warm hands up and down my ample thighs, scratching them with her nails.

I could smell myself now, too. The pungent aroma of sex, the animal smell of woman-secretions floated in the air around us, like a red flag on a foggy night at sea.

Fuck me, it seemed to be saying.

I watched her, entranced, as one of her hands slid down her own belly, and rested on her mound, as her other hand came closer and closer to my cunt. The first electric touch of her fingers on my outer lips sent my hips bucking up off the sofa, and a single quiet whisper escaped from my lips.


Her fingers went inside my lips, parting them. I felt her two first fingers in the shape of a "V" holding my lips open, as she explored me with her eyes. I breathed deeply and fully, watching her over the top of my rising and falling breasts. Her two fingers joined together, forming a circle around my clit, and rubbed it back and forth a little, as if she were watching for its response. I felt it throb between her fingers and moaned again, waiting patiently for the next move.

I didn't wait long. It was only seconds, and I felt the small tip of her tongue dancing on my clit, sending shock waves of fire and excitement straight up my spine to explode in my brain.

"Ohhhh." I sighed, reaching down for her, wanting to touch some part of her, and not caring which part. I needed skin contact. I needed to feel her body beneath my fingers, as she delved her tongue again and again between my outer lips.

Gone was the small amount of fear I had had about being naked in front of her, and her partner. Gone was the concern of whether our respective partners were watching or not. The only emotion present in my mind at that moment was the wonderful eruption of pleasure and freedom that I felt as her lips and tongue massaged and grazed my nether regions.

Finally, through the daze, I felt my hand touch her shoulder. I stroked her lightly at first, as she continued licking my pussy, and then scratched her with my fingernails the way I knew she liked.

I didn't want to cum. I knew she hadn't cum when I'd been playing with her cunt with my hands, and it felt selfish to have my orgasm first. I'd never gone this far with a woman. I didn't know the protocol. But I knew that I wanted both of us to derive the greatest amount of pleasure from the event as possible.

As if sensing this, she pulled her mouth away from me, and looked up at me, her eyes wide, her lips curled up in a sensuous smile. We stared at each other briefly, and I wondered if her clit was pounding as loudly in her ears as mine was.

"Stay right there." She whispered, as she jumped up from the floor and ran toward the stairs.

Something inside me panicked. Where was she going? Did she need to brush her teeth? Gargle? Did I taste bad to her?

But she was back before I could form too many more questions. She carried a small brown bag, like a gym bag. She set it down on the floor, and unzipped it, keeping her eyes on me all the while.

"Close your eyes" she said, almost inaudibly.

I did. What else could I do?

I listened. She was rustling around in the bag. I heard a few things hit the floor, and then I felt her rise above me, straddling me in my half-laying, half-sitting position on the leather sofa.

"I want to fuck you." She had stopped whispering, and was now speaking in her normal tone of voice. "Have you ever been fucked by a woman?"

"No." I said, my voice a tangle of confusion and need.

"Very cool. I will be your first." She leaned down to kiss me again, her tongue invading my mouth, swirling over my teeth and lips. Her hands slid down my sides, and reached between us, caressing my outer cunt-lips again. "You're so wet. You don't need any lubrication, do you?"

"No..." I had to stop myself from calling her "Ma'am". And then I was confused, because I don't know why I stopped myself. Just shut up, I growled in my head. Shut up and enjoy this ride.

"Well, my cock does. Will you lube my cock up for me?" she whispered in my ear. She crawled up on the couch, and planted her feet on the outsides of my hips. "Will you suck my cock?" She asked quietly, a knowing need in her voice.

I opened my eyes. There it was, right in front of my face. Long, black, lifelike. Saddled into a harness, wrapped around her small hips. I looked up into her eyes. She was still smiling softly at me, encouraging me to break this new ground with her.

I had never sucked a plastic cock before. Never even considered it, actually. Oh, sure, I'd seen pictures of it on the Internet, but I didn't think people really did that stuff. It had seemed silly.

But now, here, suddenly, it didn't seem silly anymore. It seemed hot. And I wanted it.

She was holding it by the base, lowering it to my mouth. Automatically, I parted my lips and allowed the rubber penis to slide into my mouth unencumbered. I took as much of it as I comfortably could, and then pulled my head back a little, to let her know. I reached up and put my hands on her ass, and started moving my mouth up and down on her cock.

I had to close my eyes. It got that intense for me.

I gave it everything I had. It didn't again feel silly, now the only emotion that I could tie it to was anticipatory. I was sucking it this minute - in the next minute, it could be buried base-deep into my cunt.

I almost came from that thought.

My hands roamed around on her ass, as I licked the rubber cock on the edge of my lips. I started to move them further around, trying to get into her cunt, and ran into a roadblock.

A strap on vibrator! One of those butterfly things! How cool! I tried to reach beneath it, wanting to feel her wetness and her need, but couldn't get past it. I started running my nails up and down the very top of the insides of her thighs instead, and heard her moan above me.

It was only a moment more before she pulled the cock from my mouth, and slid herself down my body, stopping for a brief instant to suck and nip at my right nipple. She knelt on the floor, again between my thighs, and put her hands on my hips, pulling me to the edge.

"I want to fuck you." She said to me, again.

"Yes. Please." I couldn't control my voice anymore. I didn't know if it sounded needful or whiny or both, but frankly, I didn't care. I wanted that cock inside me, wanted it pounding away at me.

I heard her vibrator begin to whir beneath her, and watched in fascination as her body immediately reacted to it. She shivered and sighed. I reached down tentatively and grabbed the rubber cock, placing it at the entrance to my cunt. Her hands were on my hips again, unwilling to let me move to grab the cock within me - she wanted to thrust it there herself. It was unspoken, but blatant.

I was not going to argue with her at this point. I could feel the cock jumping around, reacting to the vibrator covering her pussy. It was making me crazy, teasing me. I opened my eyes again, and saw her smiling at me. She was teasing me, too. And loving every minute of it.

She was getting close to cumming. I could feel it from her. Her fingers were digging into my skin, alternately pulling and pushing me away, but not letting the cock enter me - not yet. She had a plan, I knew it. I didn't know the plan, but I would have bet a paycheck at that moment that it would be more exciting than almost anything else I had ever experienced.

She was crying out now. Making "I'm ready to cum" noises.

And then suddenly, she thrust into me. Hard. Fast. Furiously.

And I was making those noises with her.

She moved her hips back and forth, I imagined, with the waves of her imminent orgasm. Her mound bumped into mine repeatedly, stimulating my clit as the cock pounded in and out of my pussy. I couldn't help but watch her through slitted eyes, knowing that with one more thrust, I could cum.

I wanted to wait for her.

I needed to wait for her.

I wanted our first orgasms together to be together.

I felt it. She was there. And I went over the edge with her.

Moaning, groaning, crying out. Noises of women in passionate embraces filled the living room as we both came. My legs wrapped up around her hips and I tried to draw her into me deeper, wanting the rubber cock beating at my cervix as her orgasm rocked with mine. I wanted it to go on and on, this joining of friends, this exploration of calenture, and this woman-fuck.

The orgasms began to subside, but she kept fucking me. She didn't slow down for a moment. She reached her hands up and grasped my wrists, holding me down to the couch, thrusting her plastic dick in and out of my cunt. The vibrator was still running; I could now hear it rattling her labia rings. I knew she'd cum again on it. And I knew she'd make me cum again on her rubber cock. She rubbed her breasts against mine, leaning down occasionally to bite one of my nipples. I wanted my hands free, so that I could touch her, scratch her, stroke her, but she wouldn't release my wrists.

Somehow, that felt right to me. She was the older of us. The more experienced of us. It was only right that I should submit to her desires, learn from her, give it all up to her.

"Do you like me fucking you?" she asked her voice deep and sexy, on a crescendo from another impending orgasm.

"Yes, Ma'am!"

The word Ma'am shocked her, but did not displease her. We were equals, although I was the more submissive of the two of us, still submitting to my own partner/Dominant on a consistent basis. It was an odd feeling to call her Ma'am. But I felt my cuntlips swell as I did it, so I knew that it had been right.

She slowed down. She pulled the cock to the very edge of my vagina, and stopped. She sat upright and looked down at me, a little more of that Mistress look in her eyes than before.

"Turn over." She said flatly. "Turn over, and present your ass to me."

I gulped loudly, but not dramatically, and waited for her to adjust herself so that I could roll over on the edge of the couch. My knees hit the floor with a resounding thud, and I lay myself across the sofa, knees far apart on the floor, opening myself to her, offering her everything I had.

I felt her hands on my ass, then her nails. She was making "mm umm" noises again as I rotated my hips in response to her touch. I felt the head of the cock poking at my cunt lips, still wet with my juices from before. She started grinding it into me, without slipping it inside, letting the rubber head of the toy poke and prod at my swollen clitoris.

"Do you want this back inside you?" she asked, pointedly.

"Yes, Please, Ma'am!"

"I thought so."

And it was in, all the way to the hilt, the head of it battering my cervix. She let out a 'whoosh' as she hit bottom, much as a man would do.

I came all over the cock again. My nails dug into the pillow in front of me, and I tried hard to not scream. Her hands went around my hips and pulled me to her, forcing the cock in deeper yet as I rode the waves of the orgasm. My mind was spinning. I couldn't catch my breath.

I heard the vibrator get louder, and then felt her fingers dig into me harder as she started to thrust in and out of me. She was close to cumming again. I felt it. I thrust back into her, fucking her back, hoping to bring her closer and closer to her cum, and then over the edge.

It did not take long. She exploded behind me suddenly, her nails digging into my skin. She cried out loud, slamming herself into me again and again and again. She leaned over me, as it subsided, holding me, hugging me. "Yes. Yes." she said, over and over again.

We lay like that for a moment, both of our pussies still throbbing, the rubber cock still buried inside me to the top. When both of our breathing had returned to normal, she slowly slid the cock out of me, and sat back on her haunches behind me. "Clean me off." She whispered.

I closed my eyes in embarrassment, but nonetheless, I turned around on my knees, and prostrated myself before her, taking the huge black cock in my mouth and cleaning my own juices off of it. She stroked my hair calmly as I did this, and when she believed the job to be sufficient, she gently pulled my mouth off of the cock. She pulled my face up to hers and kissed me softly, letting her tongue play across my lips, cleaning me off of me. "Mmmmm." she murmured again.

I slid to the floor from my knees, and lay my head in her lap. She had reached down and turned off the butterfly, and the room seemed deafeningly silent. My heartbeat seemed to be the only sound that rang in my ears. She continued to stroke my hair as I came down off the high of it all.

It was just so quiet and peaceful.

Until the boys broke their silence and whistled at us.

I looked up at her. She was smiling down at me. We had mostly forgotten about them. What had started out as a possible distraction had turned into a rip-roaring fuckfest. We stared at each other for a moment, and it was as if something silent passed between us. Something golden. Something special. Something alive.

"I have another one of these upstairs. I'm sure we could put it on quick enough, if you boys would like to see how it feels for yourself?"

The silence was replaced by laughter.

The passion will never be replaced.

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